Esse Super Slims Blue

$2110 / $2638

Esse Super Slims Field

$2110 / $2638

Esse Super Slims Menthol

$1202 / $1502

ESSE Super Slims One

$2110 / $2638

Esse Super Slims

$1633 / $2041

Esse Super Slims Special Gold

$1557 / $1946


Esse cigarettes are a top-seller cigarette brand in slim and super slim category. Considering the quality of Esse cigarettes one can say that they have a huge advantage over other brands as the price of Esse cigarettes is very acceptable and low. The manufacturer of Esse cigarettes guarantees excellent quality, and states that their product is made in the most sophisticated tobacco production facilities.

You can see that the prices on cigarettes are much lower than the prices for the rivaling cigarette brands.

Esse cigarettes are manufactured in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. (KT&G), long (100 mm), hard pack, 20 cigarettes a pack.

There are such types of Esse cigarettes in our online discount cigarette store: Esse Super Slim (low tar cigarettes), Esse Menthol, Esse Lights. Esse lights are special for their stylish tip! When you taste Esse Menthol you will feel incomparable pleasure! Some of these brands are very popular among women, including Esse Menthol.

The most experienced customers will appreciate the delicious taste of these elegant cigarettes! We can guarantee that you will be pleased!

Our online cigarette shop offers:

Esse Super Slim – 100 mm long, 20 filter-cigarettes, Tar 6.5 mg., Nicotine 0.65 mg

Esse Super Slims Field – 100 mm long, 20 filter-cigarettes, Tar 2.5 mg., Nicotine 0.25 mg

Esse Super Slims Special Gold – 100 mm long, 20 filter-cigarettes, Tar 3.5 mg., Nicotine 0.4 mg

Esse Super Slims Lights - 100 mm long, 20 filter-cigarettes, Tar 4.5 mg., Nicotine 0.45 mg

Esse Super Slims Menthol - 100 mm long, 20 filter-cigarettes, Tar 6 mg., Nicotine 0.5 mg