Vogue Super Slims Bleue

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Dear ladies, it is your time! The famous Vogue cigarettes are offered at discount prices. This tobacco product is wonderful, expressing fashion and style in everything. The taste of these cigarettes is delicate and pure.

British American Tobacco Company has created this brand especially for women, inspired by their beauty and refinement. This tobacco company has a huge success in more than 180 countries. Along with highly demanded Vogue cigarettes, BAT produces the following brands: Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Benson & Hedges, Dunhill, Kent, State Express 555, Rothmans, Peter Stuyvesant, Winfield, John Player, Kool, and Viceroy. All these smoking products can be qualified as "elite", which is assured by their international popularity.

Vogue brand is ideal in its taste and design. This tobacco product is exclusive in all and will never be compared or replaced by any lady cigarettes. Smoking Vogue is enjoyable, aromatic and subtle.

The slim construction of Vogue cigarettes creates comfortable usage. It is easy to keep these cigarettes even in the smallest handbag.

It is also hard not to observe the elegance of the package. It inspires stylishness at the first glance. Make yourself noticed by smoking Vogue.

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Take your Vogue and you will be satisfied. It delivers the best quality and components. The low price offered by our tobacco store makes Vogue more enjoyable. Fix your style with Vogue and your life will change for sure.