February 03, 2016

Development Cigarette Filters with Menthol Capsule

Diverse patents and documents issued by the tobacco industry demonstrate that for several years the industry has been creating procedures to embed flavoring ingredients in the cigarette filter.

Since 1960s, patent applications were filed for distinct kinds of cigarette filters including a capsule. Even so, these capsules were not created to maintain flavoring properties; rather they comprised water that was commonly supposed to soften a particular filter material when lighting up.
In 1967, a patent was created which contained a capsule containing vitamin A in the form of a liquid solution, which was intended to get into the respiratory tract in aerosol form during smoking process.
In  1968,  a  researcher  who functioned for R. J. Reynolds  revealed  that it  was likely to encapsulate flavoring ingredients in  a  pipe inserted in the filter,  where the  tube  was  produced of  polyethylene and  had  water resistant membranes on  the  sides. The membranes were created to be damaged during the process of drawing on the cigarette, thus releasing the flavoring ingredients in the tube. This concept was intended to stay away from the loss of flavoring ingredients in the cigarette over time, as numerous of these compounds are volatile.

One more cause why flavoring ingredients are embedded in the filter is to cover the loss in taste, which happens when adsorbing filter material is utilized. A good example of this kind of material is the activated carbon. It holds substances and therefore decreases the quantity of unsafe components in tobacco smoke.  Cigarettes with activated carbon filters are mostly popular in Japan with cigarette brands as Seven Stars,   Mild Seven or Lark.
For many years, there has also been conducted a research on products which allow the consumer to change the flavor of the cigarette. In 1985, Philip Morris released the cigarette brand Concord with its two styles Regular and Menthol where was likely to vary the tar and menthol content by twisting the filter. R. J. Reynolds created the first patent on the capsule technology that is applied in today’s cigarettes in   2003.

By Lora Dowson, Staff Writer
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