Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the statements in this section before ordering the cigarettes in our Online Cigarettes Shop.
  • 1. Conditions of Sale:

    Terms and Conditions of this site apply to all our visitor and customers. Our customers agree to respect and comply with terms and conditions of cigs4us.biz.

  • 2. Age:

    Our company does not accept orders placed by individuals that haven't reached 18 years old if he/she is located in USA and 21 years old if customer is located in any EU state.

  • 3. Resale:

    It is prohibited to buy tobacco products from this cigarette store for reselling. cigs4us.biz does not provide this kind of businesses and offers smoking products for personal usage only.

  • 4. Quality of services:

    Every visitor of cigs4us.biz online store can contact the special created Support Center and address any question concerning provided services, ordering and/or dispatching of orders placed on this cigarette site. We attempt to offer the best providing and supporting services. Along with 100% qualitative tobacco products, cigs4us.biz also offers 24/7 customer assistance.

  • 5. Quality of tobacco products:

    All cigarette brands of cigs4us.biz correspond to European Standards of Quality and are produced by licensed tobacco companies. Our company is not responsible for changes introduced by producers, neither in quality nor in design.

  • 6. Packing and Shipping:

    The period of delivery is 14-23 days after dispatching. We work on reduction of the period of delivery to 10 days. Each parcel contains 2 to 3 carton each and are sent by ordinary airmail.

  • 7. Financial guarantees:

    All financial transactions are processed by autonomous from cigs4us.biz processing center so our customers are protected from stealing. You can contact our Support Center where every customer's query and suggestion are processed and responded.