Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We always protect the customer's interests and hold value our online cigarette shop reputation.

This page was planned for the clients of the on-line cigarette store to make the usage of their personal information easier. Our company respects the customers' privacy and doesn't use the personal data for the advertisement or any other illegal usage.

  • Storage of the personal information: shop accumulates customer's information because the ordering is done on-line. First of all our site collects e-mail addresses to correspond with our clients. Any other data (your title, name, company, address and phone number) are kept only for and this information is confidential.

    Our on-line shop sells tobacco products to smokers older than 21 years for US and 18 years for European smokers, only. The minors are not in correspondence with our on-line shop, which is the main part of policy.

  • Usage of the information:

    All information presented by clients of is applied for providing the details about new offers and the latest cigarette brand-news. Our team doesn't use the personal data for making individual customer profiles. Only the processing and credit card companies have access to the client's information.

  • Access to client's information saves the clients' personal info, but if you find any error in your personal data you can send an e-mail and we will immediately make changes. Our customers can delete their confidential information from our data system sending an e-mail to our support center.

  • Problem resolution

    Every customer of has the possibility to contact our Support Center to settle the problems that may occur. Our support center will contact you and answer any questions as soon as possible.

  • Data Storage and Security

    On-line cigarette store protects the customers' personal privacy using: firewalls, secure servers, SSL encryption, security protocols and other safe technologies.