Plugarul (Non-Filter)

$1268 / $1585


The cigarette brand named Plugarul is a new-comer to our product assortment, being launched by one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Eastern Europe, TUTUN-CTC, which prominent in many countries across Europe and Asia. This company is known for the usage of fine quality tobacco and natural ingredients in production of their tobacco products, and won many prizes at various International Tobacco Exhibitions.

Plugarul cigarettes are marketed as cigarettes intended for middle-income smokers who know how to work and like their work. The name “Plugarul” can be translated from the Romanian as a man whose work includes ploughing up the ground. Plugarul cigarettes are created especially for strong and people, and many male-smokers have already become loyal to the bold smoking experience offered by this low-cost brand.

King-size non-filtered Plugarul cigarettes are distinguished by pure taste of tobacco and unique Moldavian blend, comprised by finest tobaccos grown in Moldova. As they don’t have filters, Plugarul smokes are generally preferred by those adult smokers who like strong flavor with higher amounts of nicotine.

Plugarul cigs are packed in soft packs with laconic blue-and-white design and absence of any chemicals which spoil the taste of real tobacco. If you are interested in these exclusive cigarettes, and prefer natural products, you can order tax-free Plugarul cigarettes online in our discount cigarette store. Simply give them a try and in addition to the inimitable taste of non-filtered cigs you will get thrilling sensations of energy boost. So do not hesitate and purchase Plugarul cigarette brand now at our online tobacco store at the lowest-possible price.