Nistru Non-Filter

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Nistru Cigarettes

Nistru cigarette brand is produced by TUTUN-CTC, a famous tobacco giant from the Republic of Moldova. The tobacco manufacturer is known and appreciated by many smokers, due to its premium quality cigarettes.  At present the most popular smoking brands made by TUTUN-CTC include: Doina, Astra, Marengo and others.  Also it is worth mentioning that this enterprise is distinguished for selective and elite quality tobacco. Modern and progressive technologies are involved in production of the premium smoking articles that correspond to all European Standards.

Nistru cigarettes have a very interesting name that is known namely by the citizens of producer country. The word “Nistru” comes from the Romanian language and denotes the name of a river in Eastern Europe. The landscape of this place is amazing. If you can’t visit this place and see its beauty with your own eyes then you should choose Nistru cigarette brand and you will feel it, because TUTUN-CTC manufacturer put all its impressions of this place in these cigs. Nistru fag is the right choice.

 These non-filtered cigarettes have a strong taste and outstanding aroma, because they are manufactured from only original tobacco without any additional substances. They are easy to inhale, as there is no resistance from a filter. It helps you to perceive and understand the taste of the real flavor. As it is known, that only pure and original products can be considered the number ones.
Nistru king size cigarettes are very popular among male smokers as they prefer strong and intense taste in cigarettes. If you want to feel free as a bird in flight above the beautiful river, then choose Nistru cigarettes.

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Nistru cigarette brand possess:  Tar volume: 16.0 mg; nicotine volume: 1.3 mg.