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As a rule, cigarettes are presented in large assortments that differ in taste and specifications. If speaking of MT brand, this rule has exceptions. This smoking product has no equivalents nor in its variety, nor in tobacco manufacturing.

MT cigarettes are unique and peerless in taste and composition.

These attributes are "standard" for the producer, Tutun CTC - a join stock tobacco company located in Eastern Europe. Being the creator of such excellent smoking brands as Doina, Fluieras, Temp, Cosmos etc this enterprise is a leader on the domestic market. Cigarettes, produced by Tutun CTC are highly demanded by smokers who prefer rich tobacco taste and premium product quality.

A national survey on most popular cigarette brands has shown that namely the cigarette brands of this company are on leading positions, one which is the MT brand.

MT is produced according to a time-established recipe that, even being realized by modern machinery, keeps the classic and outstanding flavor of premium tobacco unchanged. This tobacco product has an original style. Combining red and white color inspires a new trend in the tobacco world.

The taste of MT cigarettes is mellow and rich. Smoking this tobacco product is a delight.

Thanks to our discount cigarettes store this excellent tobacco product can now be enjoyed by US and European smokers.

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