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This tobacco product doesn't need presentation. Marlboro cigarettes are a worldwide legend, a sign, a lifestyle. This brand has registered an absolute maximum in sales and its famous insignia "Marlboro Man" was registered in Imaginary Luminaries as number one of "101 most influential people who have never lived".

At the moment of its appearance on the tobacco market Marlboro cigarettes have taken the leading position among the existing cig brands of that time. Today, this tobacco product still remains number one worldwide.

What makes this brand so demanded? Premium quality and excellent components create the famous Marlboro "peerless" taste. It embodies that what many cigarette smokers all over the world are searching for.

Marlboro is a great example of a well stabled producing experience. This tobacco brand has the largest number of smokers. So, it was, is and will remain number one for a long time.

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Marlboro Gold is preferred by those with more delicate tobacco tastes. It has a special filter that processes the smoke, making it lighter.

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