Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Original Red

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Lucky Strike Original Silver

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Lucky Strike Click&Roll

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Lucky Strike Luckies Blue

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Lucky Strike Premium Silver

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Lucky Strike

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Did you know that in the past it was believed that a Lucky Strike cigarette brings good fortune? It was also an entire ritual to keep and smoke this tobacco product. Maybe with time people became more serious, but the taste of Lucky Strike remained the same.

It was, is and will be smoked by generations, as its taste is really great. The secret Lucky Strike's mellow taste is the special way of tobacco processing. Traditionally, the tobacco is dried, but the producer used to toast it. This makes the flavor more pleasurable and intense.

R.J. Reynolds, the manufacturer of Lucky Strike cigarettes, is the second largest cigarette producer worldwide. The brand portfolio of this producer includes the legendary Camel, mentholated Kool, outstanding Pall Mall, American favorite Winston, royal Viceroy, classical More, delightful Barclay, fragrant Salem, polished Belair, luscious Doral, subtle Carlton, balmy Capri, elevated GPC, exquisite Misty, celestial Eclipse, great Monarch, exclusive Tareyton and famous Vantage.

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