L&M Blue Label

$3018 / $3773

L&M Loft 2 in 1 Menthe

$2716 / $3395

L&M Loft Blue

$2385 / $2981

L&M Loft Night Blue

$2615 / $3269

L&M Loft Sea Blue

$2607 / $3259

L&M Motion Blue

$2379 / $2974

L&M Motion Silver

$2716 / $3395

L&M Red Label

$2716 / $3395

L&M Silver Label

$2494 / $3118

L&M Slims Coral White

$1634 / $2043

L&M Slims Marine Blue

$1634 / $2043


L&M cigarettes

L&M is one of 38 tobacco brands that our online cigarette store offers to smokers from the US and EU.

When looking at the large list of cigarettes, the most frequent question that come to mind: Is L&M different? The answer is a definite YES. Such design, construction, components and taste are typical only to L&M brand.

What makes L&M different from other cigarettes? Its constitution.

At first L&M was produced as chewing tobacco. Later, it has transformed into world famous cigarettes. Being on the tobacco market only for five years L&M cigarettes gave registered the highest sale rate. The outstanding taste was vastly preferred by many smokers. This trend is still present nowadays.

The producer of L&M cigarettes is the tobacco giant Philip Morris, also known as Altria Group. In order to see the size of this enterprise it's enough to mention its premium cigarette brands: Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges, Merit, Parliament, Alpine, Basic, Cambridge, Bristol, Bucks, Chesterfield, Collector's Choice, Commander, English Ovals, Lark, Players and Saratoga.

Although, L&M cigarettes have thousands of smokers in their club, Philip Morris makes a generous reward for their fidelity. The brand line is enlarged with new notes of taste and design.

Every cig user can order L&M cigarettes in the following range: L&M Red Label, L&M Blue Label, L&M Silver Label, and as well slims variant of L&M Vibe Slims and L&M Tune Slims. Of a historical importance is the appearance of the elite tobacco products: L&M Filters, L&M Lights, L&M Super Lights and L&M One.

Each variation is different in taste, so every cigarette smoker can select the one that is most close to his or her nature. Buy the best cigarettes at the lowest price on our online cigarettes store.