Leana Non-Filter

$1196 / $1495


Leana Cigarettes are represented by the biggest enterprise TUTUN CTC that is the first tobacco industry enterprise in Moldova, a state located in Eastern Europe. TUTUN CTC factory is equipped with highly technological machinery from Great Britain, France, Austria, Germany and Holland. The high-tech equipment increases the productivity up to 4000-5000 cigarettes per minute and makes the cigarettes taste denser.

These cigarettes belong to the Oriental (Moldavian) Blend East available in a length of 70 mm in square one-layer packet.
Leana non- filtered cigarettes are produced from combination of aromatic tobacco and semi-oriental tobacco types from local regions. It is worth to mention about an innovative fermentation production of Leana cigarettes.

Leana cigarettes brand have a big popularity among different categories of smokers with low income and among those who prefer tobacco products with high strength, relative concentration of nicotine, tar and full-bodied aroma. The taste of Leana tobacco smoke will help you to feel extreme sensations and feelings of inexpressible satisfaction.
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