Lady Diamond

$1459 / $1824

Lady Menthol

$1459 / $1824

Lady Rose

$1535 / $1919


No other cigarette inspires so much delight and femininity as a Lady cigarette. The creation of this tobacco product was inspired by female elegance and individuality.

As the producer stated, this cigarette brand was created as a tribute to all stylish women who appreciate their identity and exclusiveness. Such women deserve the best that was ever produced.

Speaking about the producer, it is SPS Cigaronne, a continuously growing tobacco company, which is already known on the markets of many states. Thanks to our online store Lady cigarettes are available for more EU and USA smokers. To have these great cigarettes you have to decide only on the amount and taste. Lady cigarettes are available in the following range: Lady Diamond, Lady Rose and Lady Menthol.

The producer has created each brand with much attention to taste. If you prefer cigarettes with classical smoking flavor then we recommend Lady Diamond.

The smoking essence of Lady Menthol is fresh and cool.

And the last, but not least, is Lady Rose. The tobacco of this variation is imbued with rose essence that makes the taste peerless.

These tastes are highly appreciated by women. Now you have the chance to keep this aroma around you all day long. Our cheap cigarettes store offers all smoking ladies to experience something wonderful, produced especially for you. The pleasure will become more intense as we offer the lowest prices for Lady cigarettes.