Glamour Super Slims Amber

$3015 / $3769

Glamour Super Slims Azure

$3042 / $3803

Glamour Super Slims Lilac

$2704 / $3380

Glamour Superslims Menthol

$3042 / $3803

Glamour Superslims Blossom Aroma

$1594 / $1993

Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma

$1594 / $1993


The world was never so glamorous as after the appearance of Glamour cigarettes. This female brand inspires visions of a smooth and beautiful life, as they are ideal in appearance and flavor.

Women can feel themselves lucky, because such a gift is not offered to everybody. The company, which set the goal of pleasing ladies, is the British enterprise Gallaher Group that along with Glamour also produces Benson and Hedges, Silk Cut, Mayfair, Sovereign, Sobranie, Dorchester, Prima, Memphis, Milde Sorte, Right, Hamlet, Old Holborn, Amber Leaf and Condor.

Glamour cigarettes are one of the most successful ladies' brand that the company has created. Due to the attractive design and delightful taste, this brand has become a daily accessory for a lot of smoking women.

Agree, that this tobacco product has set a new view on ladies' cigarettes. Glamour sure fits the trademark offered by the producer.

This product fits even the smallest handbags. Glamour will always astonish with its delicacy and luscious outer design.

This female brand is produced from blended tobacco of the best sorts that, together with special aromatic components, make the taste of Glamour "blissful". It can't be denied that the slim form of the cigarettes was inspired by the female body.

Gallagher Company produces this brand in two variations: Glamour Amber, Glamour Azure, Glamour Lilac, Glamour SuperSlims Menthol and Glamour SuperSlims Pinks. The fact that this is a creation designed especially for women is revealed by the elegance of these cigarettes. Bring color to your life with Glamour.

Satisfy your exquisite taste with Glamour, together with the low price our online cigarettes offers. Discount prices, first-class tobacco products are our gifts to smoking ladies.

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