Doina Classic

$1255 / $1569

Doina King Size

$2305 / $2881

Doina Lights

$1255 / $1569

Doina Menthol

$1255 / $1569

Doina Premium

$1255 / $1569

Doina Premium Gold

$1429 / $1786

Doina Soft

$2030 / $2538


Modern equipment, standardized quality, internationally recognized superiority, cigarettes of wide taste ranges, loyalty to customers, exclusivity in design and cigarette components, originality of tobacco products - all this characterizes the producer of Doina brand, Tutun CTC.

cigarettes are one of the most successful and long lasting smoking brand on its domestic market. These cigarettes were available since the moment of Tutun CTC appearance.

Today, looking at the achievements of this brand, Doina can surely be classified as the emblem of the company. This brand is was appreciated with Golden medals at numerous international tobacco forums where it was welcomed for its taste and quality.

Tutun CTC is a growing tobacco company that has gained popularity in many European states.

Recently, Tutun CTC has decided to improve and enlarge the Doina product line. Today, this smoking brand is produced by modern machinery with innovated formula. Doina cigarettes are available in following range: Doina, Doina King Size, Doina Lights, Doina Menthol, Doina Classic and Doina Premium.

This brand is famous in Eastern European countries, and now our online store offers all American and European smokers to try the rich taste of Doina brand. The low price also makes this tobacco product more attractive.

Each kind of Doina cigarettes is different in flavor. The components and additives make every brand taste specifically. For example, Doina soft pack is a genuine tobacco and nothing more. This brand is for those who prefer pure tobacco experience.

Doina king size is of a more "solid design", having less aromatic additives. It's rich with purity.

Doina Lights, as the name suggests, have a special filter that makes smoking more refined.

Doina Menthol have a special fresh taste.

If you love classic, then your cigarettes of choice will most probably be Doina Classic.

The last from the Doina brand family are Doina Premium. This tobacco is real chocolate not only in appearance, but also in taste. The smell of chocolate is felt from just opening the pack.