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The dark blue color of Cosmos cigarettes inspires domination and authority - the distinctive features of a real male nature. Taken the taste of this brand it can definitely be stated that the producer didn't make a mistake naming these cigarettes Cosmos.

As the brand name suggests, this tobacco product reveals an incomparable cosmic experience. The components are of the best quality, where every ingredient is selected to match perfectly.

The creation of Cosmos cigarettes is the result of successful work in Tutun CTC that introduced this brand as one of the main diamonds on the company's crown.

Tutun CTC is a big Eastern European cigarette producer whose qualitative products were recognized as of a premium class. Taking part in different domestic and international forums and exhibitions this enterprise has won recognizable and respectable prizes for its products, one which is Cosmos.

This tobacco product has a unique tobacco blend as its main ingredient. This gives the outstanding flavor that Cosmos cigarettes are famous with.

Due to the fact that Cosmos brand has no varieties the choice here is much easier. You will never hasitate over cigarette taste, as Cosmos is unique.

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