Continent Superslims

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Continent is a new smoking product recently added to our stock. This modern cigarette brand was launched by Innovation Tobacco Company, a top rated London based cigarette enterprise. Continent Super Slims cigarettes are currently in a great demand owing to their fresh taste, delightful aroma and a very appealing price. Particularly these features have positioned Continent brand at a top position.

Innovation Tobacco Company has significantly amazed cigarette addicts when presenting this brand at an international tobacco exhibition.

Continent brand possesses only the most superior tobacco types that do not harm smokers’ throat as some tough cigarettes do. An innovative processing method minimizes the dangers of any health risks and allows a mild and pleasant smoking process. If to take into account characteristic properties of Continent cigarettes, it would be right to call them one of the best smoking products. A rich blend of Burley, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos provide smokers with a distinctive and saturated taste, faultless flavor and on top of that a delightful smoking process. If you give a try to Continent Super Slims cigarettes, you will in no way feel sorry about this option as it will satisfy all your personal preferences.

Even the package design and style of Continent tax free cigarettes is realized in a really sophisticated way. Due to the prevalent white and blue colors, Continent Super Slims cigarettes symbolize purity, perfection and genuine quality. The gentle taste and mystery covered behind the blue color can be uncovered only after smoking Continent cigarettes.

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