Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold

$2011 / $2514

Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver

$2011 / $2514

Cigaronne Exclusive Black

$3939 / $4924

Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black

$1338 / $1673

Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White

$2011 / $2514

Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Black

$2312 / $2890

Cigaronne Exclusive Slims White

$2312 / $2890

Cigaronne Exclusive White

$4064 / $5080


This tobacco brand is an exception from all rules of cigarette production. A slight glance at Cigaronne cigarettes makes it obvious why this brand is so different and new. Imagine 64 mm of hard filter holder and 56 mm of smoking part. Cigaronne is something marvelous in taste and design.

This brand is produced by Armenian Tobacco enterprise SPS Cigaronne Co that appeared in 1999 - a cigarette-production company equipped with modern technologies and qualified staff.

Being a young enterprise, Cigaronne Company is original in its ideas and performances. As the result of a long-time research, the company has created a list of cigarettes brands that become highly popular with smokers in a short period of time. The brand-list of this company includes such tobacco products as women-inspired Lady, mythological Zevs and of course illustrious Cigaronne.

Being named after its creator, Cigaronne cigarettes have become the company's emblem as a tobacco product of an elite class.

The cover of these cigarettes deserves attention too. The packs are designed in a classical style. Cigaronne Classic Slims are of golden color that expresses the richness of their taste. Cigaronne Classic Lights Slims are of silver color that invoke the feeling of prosperity.

The finest design and taste are what makes Cigaronne Exclusive Lights Slims and Cigaronne Exclusive Slims a true embodiment of the genuine classic style.

All these variations are available in our cigarette store at the lowest price possible. The delight of smoking quality tobacco becomes more pleasant with the prices offered by our online shop.