November 25, 2014

Winston! The Best Choice for True Smoker

For a long time ago the town Winston-Salem of North Carolina, which ultimately gave its name to Winston brand, was nothing to write about. It became well known when Richard Joshua "R. J." Reynolds, the founder of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, nowadays the second greatest cigarette producer in the USA, started there his first tobacco factory in 1875. In the beginning, just like everywhere else, the assortment range involved chewing tobacco, so loved by Americans and so strange to the majority of the world. Even so, quickly the variety of the products was expanded with pipe tobacco and cigarettes.

As outlined by the advertising legend fresh cigarettes brand shown up owing to Edward Darr, certainly one of the R.J.R Tobacco Company chief managers. Apparently, when being on vacation in Switzerland he met filtered cigarettes that were getting huge popularity in Europe at that time. He tried those cigarettes and enjoyed them. Inspired by the completely new trend he returned to the States and determined that Americans would enjoy the new trend too. Besides filters they made a decision to utilize exclusive tobacco mixture identified as "American blend" in Winston cigarettes. Subsequently all innovations of the tobacco world were incorporated in Winston cigarettes and soon saw the light. That was the very first launch of Winston brand to American cigarette smokers. It was in the early 1954.

Winston cigarettes were the first filtered cigarettes in the USA. At various periods these cigarettes were chosen as "the best cigarettes brand" in 1956 and "the best-selling cigarettes brand in the US" in 1965. The brand's traditional taste is presented in Winston Classic cigarettes.

These days Winston cigarettes have gone further than a domestic US market and are one of the best-selling cigarettes worldwide. Winston product range is presented by 4 main tastes: Winston Classic, Winston Blue, Winston Silver and Winston White. And the brand still continues its development by introducing new and more sophisticated styles as for instance Winston XS Nano Silver, Winston X Style or Winston X Sense.  Nowadays any smoker can get Winston cigarettes online alongside with other qualitative and affordable cigarettes.

Types of Winston cigarettes

Name Tar Nicotine
Winston Filters 8 0,6
Winston Classic 10 0,8
Winston Blue 6 0,5
Winston Silver 4 0,3
Winston White 1 0,1
Winston One 1 0,1
Winston Super Slims
Super Slims Blue 5 0,5
Super Slims Silver 3 0,3
Super Slims White 1 0,1
Super Slims Menthol 5 0,5
Winston XSence
XSence Blue 6 0,5
XSence Silver 4 0,4
XSence White 1 0,1
Winston XStyle
XStyle Blue 6 0,5
XStyle Silver 4 0,3
Winston XS Micro
XS Micro Black 5 0,4
XS Micro Silver 3 0,3

Winston cigarettes Varieties on

Winston Classic
Winston Blue
Winston Silver
Winston White
Winston Super Slims Blue
Winston Super Slims Silver
Winston XS Nano Blue
Winston XS Nano Silver
Winston Filters
Winston XStyle blue
Winston XStyle silver
Winston XSense blue
Winston XSense silver
Winston Cool XSpression
Winston XStyle Blue 100
Winston XStyle Silver 100

By Lora Dowson, Staff Writer
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