March 04, 2014

The 10 USA States Mostly Hooked on Smoking

Recently were established 10 states where people are mostly hooked on smoking. Here they are:

Approximately 27% of adults in Arkansas smoke, and according to the latest government studies, lower than 3% of smokers had succeeded to give up during the preceding 12 months.

The Heart of Dixie seems to have one of the largest youth smoking rates in America. The Center for Disease Control states that in 2011, just about 23% of children in grades 9-12 lighted up. Citizens are still permitted to smoke in workplaces, cafes, and bars and cigarette taxes are probably the smallest in the nation.

States, not only people, can be hooked on smoking products. Tobacco production is a fundamental industry in Kentucky, which together with North Carolina produces 2/3 of the nation's tobacco crop. Moreover the state has the nation's second-largest adult smoking rate.

Alcohol consumption and smoking are tightly linked, therefore in a state regarded for its love of partying; it is not unusual that more than one in four Louisiana adults smokes. Just like lots of people, Louisiana citizens evidently enjoy to smoke when they have a drink in hand.

Mississippi is one of only two states nationwide without any restrictions on smoking at child-care facilities. The state has banned smoking in government buildings and on college campuses, but proposals for a broader ruling haven't been met with much approval.

The federal government introduced a $1.01 tax on each package of cigarettes sold all over the U.S.; however taxes and consequently prices still differ widely from state to state. The common package of cigarettes costs over $10 in New York. In Missouri, in the meantime, the regular package is available for about $4.50 since the state taxes are here $0.17 per package.

The rates of cigarette use in Oklahoma are the greatest and not many smokers are giving up. Being the birthplace of the well known Marlboro Man, Oklahoma has made a great contribution to the cigarette world. Darrell Winfield, was representing Marlboro cigarettes in the majority of the brand's ads over the next two decades.

South Carolina
South Carolina has the state's lowest smoking cessation level. In the latest government study, only around 2% of smokers had excellently quit, which is not unexpected considering the fact that South Carolina has a small $0.57 cigarette tax and no smoking rules in restaurants, bars and retail stores.

Even though Tennessee's smoking rate isn't extremely high in accordance with the national criteria, it ranks among the most detrimental in the number of packages sold per capita. Also tobacco is a highly profitable crop in Tennessee. About 21 states produce tobacco in the U.S., and many growers depend on it.

West Virginia
West Virginia is home to the second largest number of adult smokers in the country, with around 28.6% of adults smoking. There are not only most adults smoking here but they are also lighting up probably the most. According to statistics, a West Virginian smoker purchases 113 cigarette packages per year, in comparison to only 23 packages per person sold in Washington, D.C.