November 04, 2015

Japan Tobacco International Introduces 15 New Tobacco Products

Japan Tobacco International has reported the launch of around 15 new tobacco products under the world's second cigarette brand Winston in the middle of October in Japan. The 15 new brands will include five ''Winston Cabin'' products and six ''Winston XS Caster'' products that were renamed in August this year, along with two ''Winston XS'' cigarette brands and two ''Winston XS Inazma Menthol'' products. All new fags will offer the new ''Long Taste'' concept, which permits to delight in tobacco taste a longer time. Each product's pack has also been renovated to share the distinctive features of each product's flavor.

''Long Taste'', is the brand new feature that permits tobacco taste to be savored much longer with a unique cigarette paper exclusive to Winston. The ''Long Taste'' logo will be viewed on the front side of each product's pack. A clock design that conveys the passage of time, and a contemporary, fashionable font, will be applied to convey a new design of smoking where the flavor can be savored longer than in the past.

The five ''Winston Cabin'' and six ''Winston XS Caster'' products whose brand names were altered in August, along with other two ''Winston XS'' and two ''Winston XS Inazma Menthol'' products, will all be included under the unique worldwide design system. To display the distinctive properties of each and every product's taste and flavor to the buyers easier, the packages of each collection will be remodeled.

For ''Winston Cabin,'' red is utilized as the package's main color to share these products' vibrant flavor, while white is applied for ''Winston XS Caster'' to symbolize its mellow flavor. For ''Winston XS,'' blue is used to stand for the fresh flavor, and the well-defined menthol flavor of ''Winston XS Inazma Menthol'' is depicted with black as the base color and with an XS motif. Additionally, for ''Winston XS 6 Box,'' the size will be modified from 85 mm to 100 mm size, so the name will consequently be altered to ''Winston XS 6 100's Box''. The taste and flavor of all products remain the same.

The company is dedicated to consistently enhancing the high quality of its products and services to significantly better meet consumers, which include the completely new feature and the current redesigning of the package.

Japan Tobacco International is a top international tobacco manufacturer. Its products are sold in more than 120 countries and its internationally acknowledged brands are Winston, Camel, Mevius and LD.

By Lora Dowson, Staff Writer
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