May 12, 2014

Cigarettes Targeted Towards Women

Cigarettes targeted towards women vary in colors, sizes and flavors. Women generally give preference to slim and delicate smokes. Tobacco manufacturers know this perfectly and use all possible methods to attract more and more ladies to their cigarettes.

Creating cigarettes for women is not an easy task, as manufacturers should take into account their fine nature. Even though ladies also like to experiment, that is why producers have to work on new and original products that will respond to all demands. However one thing is always indisputable namely the design of cigarettes, if it is stylish and slim it will undoubtedly catch lady’s attention.

Slim or Super Slim Cigarettes
This kind of cigarettes is 100% targeted towards women. The packages themselves are typically slim and come in pink or red colors, the ones that are liked so much by women. The size is probably the main thing, as modern women strive to be always slim as models on covers of the fashion magazines.  Slim cigarettes are the true representation of femininity and elegancy. Despite the shape and size of these cigarettes, they come in a great range of flavors starting from strawberry, mohito, lilac, fresh apple and many others.
Examples: Kiss, Glamour, Style, Karelia

Menthol is the most popular flavor used in tobacco products these days. It is very easy to smoke these cigarettes, as they possess a cold, minty flavor which assures a pleasant smoking experience. Many women say that they like that icy feeling in their lungs as they inhale a menthol cigarette.
Examples: Glamour Superslims Menthol, Kiss Superslims Menthol, Vogue Super Slims Menthe

These cigarettes contain clove leaves. Straight after inhaling you will feel their refined taste of cloves on your lips, which is attracting women so much. Clove cigarettes are more are more expensive than traditional cigarettes, and are black in color. Moreover, they possess a higher amount of nicotine, so they are without a doubt tougher than standard cigarette brands.
So, as you may see there are a lot of cigarettes aimed specially towards women.  Cigarette makers know perfectly what women like and strive to respond to their expectations, creating each time more stylish and delicate cigarettes.

By Lora Dowson, Staff Writer
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